Complete Evangelism Training – 16 Week Program

About the Program:

SALT’s complete evangelism training program is designed for individuals willing to dedicate one semester to intensive evangelism training. Participants will learn and grow with other committed students as they attend practical, Bible-based classes and practice what they learn through hands-on outreach.

Program Dates: August 21  – December 14, 2023

SALT Offers:

  • Certification as a Bible worker in just four months.
  • Fully accredited classes that can integrate with many degree programs.
  • Hands-on evangelism training by experienced instructors.
  • SALT classes complete 85% of an Evangelism Minor.
  • Confidence in sharing your faith and leading others to Jesus.
  • Real-life experience in soul winning and use of interpersonal skills.
  • One-year task-force positions in Bible work, foreign missions, and evangelism upon completion.

Those taking SALT for credit will pay the regular Southern tuition rates. With this option, scholarships, grants, military benefits and financial aid are available.

For non-credit participants, a program fee of $3,300 will be charged. SALT scholarships may also be available to non-credit participants and credited. More information about costs and the credit versus non-credit options is downloadable here.

Whether you will be taking SALT for credit or not, a fully accredited Bible Worker Certification is awarded to all qualifying SALT participants.

All payments (for both credit and non-credit participants) will be handled through Southern Adventist University. To make a payment contact 423.236.2826

Do I need a vehicle to participate in SALT?
Are food and housing provided?
What practical experience will I gain during SALT?
Should I enroll for academic credit or choose the non-credit option?
Are any condensed courses being offered?
Are scholarships or financial assistance available?
Can I work or take other classes while participating in SALT?