SAU SALT Introduction

Hello and welcome to the SALT application page

The SALT program this year will begin August 25th to Dec 19, 2024.

SALT has 2 tracks. Credit and Audit. 

If you are enrolling as a student at SAU, for the first time, with the purpose of pursuing a degree, click the credit link.

If you are a current student at Southern wishing to apply for the SALT program, click the credit link.

If you are not a student at SAU and wish to only take the SALT program, click the Audit link.

Once you have submitted your application, we will email you back to set up a time for a pre-enrollment interview.

Please note: Part of the SALT program is a 10day  mission trip overseas. Nov 22-Dec2nd. More details to come.

All the teachers and professors in the SALT program are seasoned and experienced soul winners

When you successfully complete the SALT program, 

You will have a complete and well-rounded knowledge and experience on evangelism. That is-personal and public evangelism.

You will have the skill to do the following:

  • Confidently give bible studies to people in the community, friends and family
  • Know how to answer commonly ask questions about your faith
  • Have the principles and tools to know how to have your own personal devotions
  • Be a Christian leader in any context
  • Have a deeper understanding and appreciation for Scripture the SOP and the 3 angels messages
  • Know Jesus as your personal savior.

Come prepared to learn how to know, share and defend your faith and  to make friends that will last a life time.

I look forward to seeing you very soon!

— Douglas Na'a, Director of SALT