Frequently Asked Questions

Are any condensed courses being offered?

Designed for busy people looking for intense evangelism training in a short period of time, Summer SALT pulls crucial excerpts from our full semester program to cover the basics of personal and public evangelism, the evangelism cycle, and tools for outreach in your local church and community. Food and housing are available. Visit our Summer SALT page for details.

Do I need a vehicle to participate in SALT?

Students are responsible for providing and maintaining their own transportation for outreach activities. If you don't have a vehicle, you may partner with someone who does.

What practical experience will I gain during SALT?

As a SALT participant, you not only learn about evangelism in the classroom, you practice it in the real world. SALT includes weekly Bible work outreach giving Bible studies in the community, knocking on doors, building relationships, partnering with and inspiring a local church, and assisting with a full-length evangelistic series. All of this is done with great mentors working with you and your Bible work partner, giving the ability to learn directly from your instructors outside of the classroom.

Are food and housing provided?

For-credit SALT participants are considered full-time students of Southern Adventist University and are eligible for regular student housing and meal plan options. With the exception of Summer SALT, non-credit participants are responsible for their own lodging. Meal plans are available for both credit and non-credit participants. For a list of nearby housing options available, please contact Southern Adventist University.

Can I work or take other classes while participating in SALT?

Due to its intensity, SALT is not designed to be combined with other classes or work responsibilities. If you can't dedicate a full semester to SALT, but still want Bible work and evangelism training, contact us and we'll help arrange a special plan so you can complete the Bible worker certification through Southern.

Are scholarships or financial assistance available?

Limited scholarships will be awarded to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply early to get your spot! For-credit SALT students are eligible for regular Southern scholarships and financial aid as well. If you think you may have financial difficulties, we encourage you to contact SALT to see what additional financial assistance we may be able to help you with.

Should I enroll for academic credit or choose the non-credit option?

It all depends. You will want to consider questions such as: What are my long-term career goals? Do I plan to pursue a college degree in the future? Have I looked at what financial aid I may be eligible for from Southern? Contact us for more information.